Our Model Railroad

I spent most of this year working out of town, so not much got done in the garden. I did get the station done, along with the platforms. I did convert all of my motive power control operations over to the Aristocraft Revolution, DCC system.

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We decided to model the station after that actual Santa Fe station that is in use in Las Vegas, New Mexico. It was built in 1896, and stands next door to the Fred Harvey hotel. This image was taken in May, 2009, when I was there taking some measurements.

Our new station is completed with lighting, ready to accept passengers.

Lighting was added including the under canopy fixtures.

No station can be complete without platforms, so I added brick platforms with light poles that I made from brass tubing and suction cups.

The La Castenada Hotel is now fully iluminated with interior lighting as well as under canopy fixtures.

A pair of E-8's are seen pulling a late night passenger train looking across the river.

A true rare sight on the Santa Fe & Western. A main line UP steam locomotive with a freight has gotten lost and has stopped at the station to ask for directions.

© Copyright 2011, John Rockey