Our Model Railroad

We really only tackled a few, minor projects in 2014. One was to remove a tunnel on the upper level, that we never ended up using and the second was to remove one of the original, decorative retaining walls and replace it with a stacked stone wall, similar to one that we built in 2012. We did not have an open house this year either.

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The large steel bridge that was installed in 2008 was at the point it needed refinishing. I removed it, sandblasted it, and repainted it. The side that faced the waterfall had most of the deterioration.

Once sandblasted, sanded and primed, I repainted it.

As our collection of unique, miniature shrubs are growing, we decided we better start labeling them. Lorrie bought some plant signs and installed them throughout the garden.

I purchased a radio control quad copter this year and have my GoPro Hero 3 mounted on it. I took this shot of the garden on June 22nd.

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