Our Model Railroad

I traveled 49 weeks out of 52 in 2019. It allowed very little time to tend to the garden. Besides weeding, I concentrated on constructing buildings for our Grand Canyon themed area.

I also purchased a 3D printer which allows me to print multiple copies of windows and doors, including the glazing. I hope to show off some of my work in 2020. For the El Tovar hotel, I need approx. 150 windows. Building them one at a time would have taken about 1 year to complete. I made 60 windows in the first weekend that I had the printer. Each window is costing about .20 cents (US), so very affordable.

I only hope I spend less time traveling next year (2020) which will allow more time to work in the garden.

Click on each thumbnail image below to see an larger image.

Here is the finished product of the Grand Canyon Station that I made for a friend. This is the last building where I will make the windows from pieces, and not the 3D printer.

Another view of the finished station. (I added the "Grand Canyon" lettering using my 3D printer.)

This is the start of the El Tovar Hotel, north wing. When complete the model is be 14' across and 2' high.

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