Points of Interest

Sherman Hill

Between Cheyenne and Laramie, the Union Pacific climbs over the Continental Divide with its 3 track main line. There are many excellent locations in which to watch and photograph trains. Traffic is usually heavy. Eastbound and hotshot westbound traffic use the double track main. The balance of the westbound traffic uses track 3 which was installed to provide a more gradual grade over the divide. Access to most areas is by dirt roads. The best way to get around is to loacate a highly detailed map (or map software) showing the dirt roads, and a copy of UP's employee timetable.

Also of interest in this area is the Ames Monument which can be accessed of of I-80 at county road 222. This monument marks the point where the original transcontenintal railroad crossed the contintenal divide. The rideaway can still be seen, as well as old ties and spikes.

Our Union Pacific Page has a few images from the area.

On the map below, the green lines represent a rough idea of how the railroad passes over Sherman Hill.

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