John Howell and I followed the 24 car train over a 3 day period from Omaha, Nebraska to just west of Laramie, Wyoming. The following clips were edited from over 3 hours of video tape.

Day 1

The 3985 departed Council Bluffs, came across the river and into Omaha, passing the old UP station.

After a brief stop in Freemont, the 3985 leaves town and heads for North Platte. Here, the train is passing grain silos, just west of town.

We spent much of our time pacing the trian across Nebraska.

We are just a few minutes east of North Platte, near Brady.

Day 2

The train passes between silos at Chappell, Nebraska.

Day 3

The 3985 leaves Cheyenne, Wyoming and heads up Sherman Hill on track 3.

Westbound on Sherman hill, track 3.

Our final view of the train as it steams west at Hermosa, Wyoming.

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