The Union Pacific operated a one day excursion train from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Denver, Colorado and return on September 16, 1989. The Northern, #844 was used for the trip. We followed the train the entire day.The following videos were edited from approx. 90 minutes of total video. For the pacing shots, I drove, and Lorrie hung out of the van window to shoot the video.

The 844 departs Cheyenne westbound before turning south toward Denver. Here the train is going under the BN main line that runs on the west wide of town.

After departing Denver, we followed the paced the train north along Rt. 85. At a unknown town near Greeley Colorado, the train went into the siding for a southbound freight. We shot the 844 as it pulled out of the siding, and as it cleared the turnout, opened up the throttle, and was up to 60 mph with-in 2 minutes.

At one point, the 844 got up to 79 mph somewhere north of Greeley. It made for one spectacular chase.

As the 844 arrived back at the west end of Cheyenne, the signal system went down. The train sat for approx. 30 minutes while a crew member walked the tracks all the way into the station to verify the turnout positions. Finally at 7:30 PM, the 844 eased into downtown Cheyenne.

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