Union Pacific

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This westbound at Frost, just outside of Victorville, California has trackage rights on the ATSF. The track in the forground crosses over the other track just to the right of this image.
A westbound is seen here on the east end of Victorville, California, crossing the Mojave River.
In the early 1980's when fuel was very expensive, the UP stored many of its "fuel hungry" locomotives in Yermo, California. DDA40Xs, SD-45s, and GP-30s were among the many locos laid up.
GP-30Bs were among the many units stored in Yermo.
UP DDA40X #6931 leads a westbound out of Cheyenne, Wyoming in October, 1984. The bridge in the background is BN's north-south line.
This eastbound is just approaching the tunnels (shown in the next image) at Hermosa, Wyoming.
A westbound meets the potash train at Hermosa, Wyoming. The tunnels were made to keep snow from drifting over the tracks in that area.
UP's rotary snow plow is seen here in the roundhouse in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1981.
UP's E-9 was also stored at the roundhouse in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in 1981.
Here, a westbound is on the old double track mainline over Sherman Hill, at Buford, Wyoming. Note the stock cars directly behind the locos. Shot taken in 1991.
A westbound coming off the newer line over Sherman Hill. The third track was installed mainly for westbound movements, to get over the summit at a lower elevation. Shot taken in 1984.
This westbound is passing through Wyeth, Oregon, along the Columbia River.
The UP 3985 ran as an excursion on 6-15-02 from West Chicago IL to Milwaukee, WI. The train is seen here eastbound through Glen Ellyn, IL.
Here, the 3985 is running westbound through Wheaton, IL on the same day.
A westbound train is climbing out of Truckee, toward Donner Summit in May, 2004.
A eastbound freight passes by a rotary and Jordon spreader, sitting idle for the summer in Truckee, California, just east of the Donner Summit in May, 2004.
A eastbound train is climbing Sherman Hill on September 26, 2009. Look closely and you can see the helper locomotive over the top of the second unit.
These are the helpers of an eastbound double stack on Sherman Hill on September 26, 2009. The head end can be seen off in the distance.
A westbound train at the summit of Sherman Hill on September 26, 2009.
The Union Pacific Station in Cheyenne, Wyoming on the evening of September 26, 2009. The station is now owned by the City of Cheyenne.

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