Our Model Railroad

All of the following images were taken in 2005. All of the work entailed installing the new 330 block retaining wall and back filling with 120 yards of top soil.The blocks were purchased from Home Depot and delivered by their truck. I purchased the soil from a local top soil contractor. That was delivered by 6 semi trucks. This really got the neighbors taling amongst themselves!. We used a Bobcat to bring the pallets of block into the back yard, as well as the top soil. This really trashed the grass, but it grew back in 2006. I worked on leveling out the top soil until the night before Thanksgiving. After that it got real cold and the ground froze.

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The first item of business was to kill the grass where the garden was going to be. We surveyed where the wall was to be built from the plan, and then used grasskiller sprayed with a Hudson sprayer.

Next, a trench was dug, where the new retaining wall was to be placed. It was filled with rock and limestone screenings, and compacted.

Next,we started building the retaining wall with split face concrete block. These were purchased from The Home Depot.

The first weekend, we had 60 yards to soil delivered to the front yard. Two weeks later, we had another 60 yards brought in.

This made for quite a pile of dirt!

Our friend Dan, brought over his Bobcat to bring the dirt around to the back of the house and into the garden. In this image you can see the draintile and landscape fabric we installed up against the back of the new wall.

At this point the east end of the garden is filled in and I have stock piled limestone screenings to spread out after to soil has settled. This was completed to make the yard and reverse loop area.

When digging, always call the marking service for utilities. I did, but the phone company never came out, and I hit my line and 3 neighbors phone lines. The phone company came out on Labor Day weekend Sunday to make the repairs (at their cost.)

This shot is looking west from the storage yard. All of the dirt has been brought in, and now the balance of the retaining wall can be built.

This is the area around the large tree. We could only make it about 1' deep, as to not put dirt up against the tree. This will look good, with it being between 1' and 2' below the main garden area.

A retaining wall had to be built along the back side of the garden. Instead of spending $1.12 for each block, I am building this rear yard out of landscape timbers. I left about 3' between the fence and wall for access purposes.

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